Creative Digital Transformation



project description

The Creative Digital Transformation project will accelerate digital transformation of entities, SMEs and organisations in the three target sectors via creative and innovative solutions, by strengthening their workers’ competences, and by reinforcing the cooperation and networking within them. To sum up, the partners believe it is a must to contribute to the resilience of professionals in the cultural, touristic, and education sectors by building up their cooperation and networking capacity as well as supporting them to implement innovative practices.


The project aims to reinforce adults’ professional competencies and skills in all aspects related to creativity, to accelerate the transformation of their professional activities, to inspire them to do it creatively and to help them manage and disseminate them in a successful and effective way. The project expects that said professionals will learn to explore and experiment with new, original and creative tools and strategies to create attractive, motivating and encouraging offers in their sectors and adapt to the current labour market.

In this way, the project will foster and provide grounds for highly professional national and cross-border cooperation in the field of professional competencies of staff workers in these sectors and long-life learning.


  • Visual Virtual Map of European Good Practices of creative strategies to digitally/virtually transform activities at a local level.
  • Development of two online courses “Digitalisation of materials and events”, one for educators and cultural/touristic staff and one for managers and representatives.
  • Cycle of webinars: training webinars on creative process planning.


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