project description

The CHLaYdoscope project aims to support the development of Youth Community Leaders (YCLs) through a non-formal education program and mentorship provided by experienced European Creative Hub Leaders (ECHLs). The project aligns with the goal of “Promoting active citizenship, young people’s sense of initiative, and youth entrepreneurship, including social entrepreneurship.” It has been co-designed by partners, including ECHLs and European Youth Organizations (EYOs), starting from the role that stakeholders can play in the actions of change and resolution at the local level proposed and carried out by Youth Community Leaders and their communities. European Creative Hub Leaders (ECHLs) play a crucial role in promoting creative entrepreneurship and providing spaces for local communities to gather, address new challenges, and organize social and economic life. They also contribute to introducing new approaches to finding innovative solutions to complex problems through co-creation, bottom-up participation, and community focus.

The European Youth Leaders Academy was organized in Portugal, providing a week of intensive training for Youth Community Leaders from Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Greece, Slovenia. During this period, participants acquired skills specifically tailored to their roles through a preview of the Training Package’s tools. They tackled a specific local challenge in Portimao, located in the Algarve region where the training took place. This experience offered them a unique opportunity to engage and connect directly with the local community and its young residents.


  • Encouraging increased Youth Participation within Local Communities
  • Nurturing a diverse spectrum of competences and skills among Youth Community Leaders (YCLs) crafting a comprehensive competency profile for them that aligns with the evolving landscape
  • Designing innovative Training Materials and services tailored to the needs of YCLs
  • Enhancing collaboration with local decision-makers to amplify the impact of youth-led initiatives
  • Elevating awareness and commitment to EU youth goals, fostering a shared sense of purpose
  • Cultivating a broader understanding of and commitment to the principles of the New European Bauhaus initiative local decision makers
  • Greater awareness and commitment towards the eu youth goals
  • Greater awareness on the New European Bauhaus


  • Competencies Framework: The foundational output of the project, a structured framework equipping young individuals with essential skills for effective leadership and positive community change. It serves as a roadmap for personal and professional development.
  • Training Course: A comprehensive resource tailored to the Competencies Framework, providing Youth Community Leaders with the skills and knowledge needed to drive innovation and positive change within their communities.
  • Handbook: Building upon the Training Course, the Handbook offers practical insights through real case scenarios and detailed guides on organizing local labs, ensuring a tangible impact in youth leaders’ communities.
  • Manifesto: The fourth result, a Manifesto outlining the core principles, values, and aspirations of the project, serving as a guiding document for the envisioned positive transformation.


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