BuSYouth – Business Skills for Youth in the CCIs sector



project description

Cultural and creative industries (CCIs) have an important part in the transition of our societies and are at heart of the creative economy, generating considerable economic wealth and forming European identity, culture and values, strengthening social cohesion. This project aims to promote youth entrepreneurship and upskill young learners and graduates, by providing the essential core business skills for running or working in a new enterprise in the CCI sector with a focus on applied arts, in order to address the precariousness of working in CCIs and building a strong enterprise.


The project aims to support young students or graduates, workers and job seekers who want to run their own business or seek to upskill themselves, by providing Creative Business Skills they need to enter and compete in the common EU labour market in the CCIs sector with a focus on Applied Arts.

– To create a common curriculum for teaching Core Business Skills for facilitators in young people and small businesses in the CCIs sector (Applied Arts).
– To create a Core Business Skills online learning course.
– To train facilitators in using appropriate online teaching methods for their students’ age group. 
– To certify the participants’ gained skills and competencies through microcredentials.


1. Methodological Concept: This phase develops the methodological concept for identifying competencies essential for shaping the qualification profile of young individuals engaged or aspiring to be part of the CCIs sector, particularly in Applied Arts. The methodology encompasses desk and field research conducted at both national and European levels.

2. Training Curriculum: Building upon the competencies outlined in the previous phase, this output forms the basis for a modular curriculum. Pilot testing will take place in partner countries, and the curriculum will be contextualized in the languages of the respective partners.

3. Blended Learning Programme: This phase creates a blended learning program designed to equip learners with the necessary business skills for supporting small businesses or social enterprises in the Applied Arts sector. An online learning environment will be established to grant facilitators and learners access to training materials.

4. Online Assessment Tool and Badges: A cutting-edge assessment tool will be provided in this output, offering badges to young learners upon the completion of the online learning course.

5. BuSYouth Online Creative Hub: The creation of an online platform is aimed at facilitating easy access to additional online materials and resources on business skills for small creative enterprises and young individuals interested in the CCIs sector. Furthermore, this platform will enable networking opportunities at both national and European levels.


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