BAKE - Business Angel Knowledge for Entrepreneurs



project description

The aim of the Business Angel Knowledge for Entrepreneurs (BAKE) project is to develop an innovative training programme with a strong work-based learning component, which will involve adults employed in the start-up or growth phase companies in on-the-job and office training, focusing on reducing the economic, relational and skills gap between different income groups and collectives at risk of exclusion. This includes a European Qualification Standard (EQS) and training for entrepreneurs about Business Angel Investment.


  • Increase knowledge of students, learners, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and future business ideas on the terms used under investment schemes, to equalise the language between the entrepreneurs and investors.
  • Empower entrepreneurs to successfully acquire business angel investments.
  • Upskill professionals with start-up businesses by improving language skills and capacities to enhance and develop their business language.
  • Strengthening entrepreneur transversal key competences in initial and continuing VET.
  • Develop training materials to include them in VET providers’ training programmes.
  • Increase capacity and professionalism of students and centres to work at EU/international level when an entrepreneur wants to raise funds abroad.


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