project description

Art4Emotion project aims to respond to the impact of COVID-19 on the social-emotional and mental well-being of young people, by using creativity and arts as innovative tools to improve their emotional and social skills. 

The main goal of the project meets the horizontal priority since by fostering the cooperation between school education and the Cultural and Creative sector to endorse students’ interpersonal skills, this project seeks to promote inclusion and diversity in school education. Thus, the project will provide students with a new learning space helping them to freely explore their emotions without setting them boundaries.


The project aims to contribute to the priority “Development of key competences”, as creativity gives the students the freedom to explore new environments and learn new abilities, transforming the way they develop new skills and how they apply them in real life. That is why creative expression plays a key role in students’ emotional development. On the other hand, the pandemic crisis hit the cultural and artistic sector and artists need to find creative strategies and develop new skills to find new ways of working. ART4EMOTION promote the creation of new professional opportunities for artists by strengthening cooperation between ICC and schools. One of the other main goals is the empowerment of adolescents with creative and innovative solutions and tools to address future societal risks and challenges.


  1.  Art4Emotion Methodology and tools co-created and developed collaboratively by teachers, counselors, and artists.

2. Capacity Building Program: Promoting creativity for social cohesion and addressing COVID-19 impact on youth through art-based educational strategies.

3. Art4Emotion Atelier: A learning place with a creative component to promote formal and non-formal learning through educational and creative activities to work the long-term consequences of COVID-19 in youth, particularly those coming from less favoured backgrounds and at higher risk of early school leaving.


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