project description

ARCH is an Erasmus+ project aimed at enhancing the digital and cultural literacy skills of primary school students, with a specific focus on youths aged 9 to 12. This intercultural initiative involves a total of eight partners, including organizations, schools, and universities in Italy, Spain, Greece, and Cyprus. Each partner will explore their own cultural heritage, contributing to the development of skills for our target audience. The primary objective is to motivate young people in this age group and stimulate their interest in the subject, with the additional benefit of reducing premature school dropout.
In the first phase of the project, research will be conducted on cultural heritage sites in each partner country. Subsequently, we will develop a platform within a mobile application dedicated to the presentation and dissemination of information on cultural heritage. This platform will provide support for mobile devices and be enriched with augmented reality features, integrating with social networks. Advances in mobile technologies allow us to more effectively disseminate cultural heritage information to all stakeholders, particularly users on the go.
Additionally, an interactive and enjoyable educational game will be developed for elementary school children. This game will have a communication approach tailored to children, both in terms of tone and visually, with carefully selected images and photographs. Partners specializing in interactions with children will contribute with an approach suitable for their needs.


The Projects’ main objectives are to:

  • Provide the target groups a useful online, free, and accessible platform and material
  • Develop a digital educational game, based on the principles of game-centered learning
  • Help students to gain knowledge on their city’s cultural heritage through the use of modern digital tools
  • Empower our target groups to acquire new technological and digital skills
  • Give the opportunity to our target groups to use and familiarise with digital tools and ICT Enhance conventional learning process through the introduction of ICT and game-based learning
  • Cultivate a sense of “belonging” to a wider community, reduce social inequalities and promote cultural and social participation and inclusion


  • Application for mobile devices of digital browsing platform
  • Interactive educational game for elementary school children
  • Guide to the application of modern game-based learning techniques in secondary education


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