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European arts and humanities students (A&H) face challenges with accessing graduate level employment and entrepreneurship opportunities. These courses typically do not have a direct route to the job market, reflected in higher unemployment and lower salaries. There can be a lack of knowledge from academics about aligning subject expertise with wider industry need as well as a lack of recognition by businesses of the wider benefits and skill sets of A&H graduates.

Dedicated support in HEIs for entrepreneurial activity has been mainly focused on business, economics and ICT faculties (UBI). A&H Students come from a very different starting point, with education and skills that do not meet industry need in an obvious way. Therefore, a fresh approach is needed to develop a tailored A&H entrepreneurship model that improves the long‐term entrepreneurial prospects for A&H students.

AHEH will create a new European network of academic institutions and inter‐disciplinary businesses that will enable A&H students to share knowledge and overcome challenges associated with being more enterprising; for example, identifying opportunities, developing entrepreneurial skills and accessing graduate‐level employment. This will be achieved through the creation of 7 new Entrepreneurship Hubs.

The Hubs will be both physical and virtual and be managed by the staff of the selected partner faculties.


The project brings together 14 partners from across 7 EU member states to improve the entrepreneurial capacity of A&H students.

  • Jointly research, design, test and disseminate an innovative programme of entrepreneurial training for A&H staff/ students aligned with the EntreComp Competence Framework. This builds upon partners’ prior experience of EU‐funded enterprise projects.
  • Have HEIs, businesses and stakeholders working together to champion the value of A&H students to a wider audience and ensure that industry need is reflected in the training programmes.
  • Create 7 new A&H Entrepreneurship Hubs situated in partner faculties. These will be the specialist conduits for permanently improving the entrepreneurial skill‐sets of A&H staff and students as well as a template for wider exploitation.
  • Create a website that will complement the 7 Hubs as an ongoing resource‐base for disseminating/exploiting outputs. These include:
    • 3 training programmes: HEI, A&H Students, Businesses.
    • 3 manuals: Trainers, Users, AHEH Management.
    • 2 contextual reports: Academic & Business.


Work in progress


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