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In rapidly changing societies, citizens need to develop competences which allow them to successfully manage the challenges posed by transitions taking place in their work, personal spheres, and society. Key competences and basic skills are needed by all for personal fulfillment and development, employability, social inclusion, civic participation, and democracy.

Under this scope, the ACTIVEYOUTH4LIFE project aims to enhance and cultivate youths’ active citizenship mindset, civic participation and environmental awareness, so as to be able to act as responsible citizens by adopting sustainable lifestyles and taking responsibility for the environment in order to effectively tackle climate change issues through the cultivation of LIFEComp competences.


ACTIVEYOUTH4LIFE aims to cultivate the active citizenship mindset of youths in order for them to be able to act as responsible citizens by adopting sustainable lifestyles and taking responsibility for the environment.

  • To foster active citizenship among young people and strengthen young people’s sense of initiative towards environmental problems.
  • To create a multidimensional training approach adaptable to local, regional and EU contexts.
  • To provide innovative practices and tools, such as filmmaking and serious gaming through ‘the art of storytelling’, so as to prepare educators, trainers, youth workers and youths to become true agents of change via cultivation of LIFECOMP competences.
  • To promote youths’ active motivation so as to become more cooperative, be engaged towards problem solving for overcoming environmental challenges embracing their dynamic potential to cope with complexity as thriving individuals/ citizens.
  • To create an attractive and easy to be used training material for youths, in order to equip them with necessary knowledge, skills and competences that will prepare them to be active citizens towards environmental issues.
  • To create a virtual community space for the promotion of dialogue and collaboration among youths, motivating them to take initiatives towards a common goal: how to take action against climate change.


1. Training Curriculum

ActiveYouth4Life’s training approach for youth workers on the integration of storytelling (participative and digital) through the use of two different techniques: filmmaking and digital escape rooms.

2. Training Handbook

Training Manual for Youth Awareness Raising on Climate Change and Sustainable Development

The manual will include a training methodology on the filmmaking process covering the real basics, including the necessary tools and applications, storytelling and how to process ideas by realising them visually, and the training activities to be carried out within the framework of this manual.

3. Digital escape Rooms for Active Citizenship

Digital escape rooms to promote active citizenship among young people.

In these contexts, young people will have the opportunity to cultivate the other competencies proposed by the LIFEComp framework: learning management, critical thinking, growth mindset and self-regulation, using participatory and digital storytelling.

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